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Commencing his professional journey as a design engineer, he later embarked on a captivating odyssey as an experienced traveling salesman that spanned an impressive 35 years. His ventures carried him across expansive territories, encompassing the diverse landscapes of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Today, he finds himself nestled in the welcoming embrace of Georgia, accompanied by his beloved wife, Eileen. Amidst the serene splendor of this locale, he remains actively involved in his local church, weaving threads of connection and compassion into its vibrant tapestry. Furthermore, he lends his presence to the esteemed Putnam County Republican Party, making substantial contributions to the dynamic mosaic of civic discourse and advocacy.
In addition to his remarkable career and community engagement, it is noteworthy to recognize the various places he has called home throughout his life:

During His Single Years:
A farm four miles west of Edgerton, Wisconsin
A boarding school dormitory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Several apartments in different areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A boardinghouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin

After Marriage:

An apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A rented house in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Ownership of a house in Libertyville, Illinois
Ownership of a house in Ripon, Wisconsin
Ownership of a house in Snellville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta
The construction of a retirement home on a lakeside property in Eatonton, Georgia

These diverse residences not only signify the chapters of his personal journey but also provide insight into the rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped his life.

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